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If you’re looking to bring home a beautiful, affectionate kitty, you’ve come to the right place. Many of these magnificent cats with big eyes are not only some of the cutest cats you’ll ever see, but they’re also playful, affectionate, loyal companions.

Some of these cat breeds are large, some are small, and some are medium size. Some have long silky fur while others have no fur at all. No matter what type of size you prefer, you’re sure to find a gorgeous feline to call your own.

Here are just a few of the cat breeds to know of before adopting:

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Cats With Big Eyes: Cute Pets: Cat Breeds You Might Not Have Heard Of

cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionDevon Rex

This is just one of the cat breeds that features not only big ears, but a big personality as well. This is a breed that loves to have fun, and has a very outgoing attitude compared to other cat breeds.

The Devon Rex cat loves to play and is very interested in its humans. If you like cuddling with your pet, the Devon Rex will definitely fit the bill. Don’t be surprised if you feel a wet nose on your cheek every once in awhile.1


cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionThe Sphynx doesn’t have what most of us would think of as fur. In fact, some people might look at this breed and assume it’s hairless. This isn’t exactly true. What the Sphynx has instead is a very fine coat of hair, one that feels almost like suede – the result of a genetic mutation.

Cats of this breed also have huge, rounded eyes that are formed in the shape of a lemon. They also have incredibly soft skin.

But what really sets the Sphynx apart from other cats – and one that makes this breed a fantastic pet – is its personality. The Sphynx loves cuddling, and is very smart and funny. You can expect your Sphynx to do a lot to try to grab your attention.2


cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionAn interesting tidbit about the Burmese is that it is descended from one cat named Wong Mau. He was brought from Burma and bred with a Siamese – thus starting the Burmese breed. Burmese cats are very outgoing and adore their humans. They have serious athletic skills and also love cuddling.

Unlike some cats, the Burmese doesn’t have a loud “talking voice.” The breed has a variety of vocalizations, but they are typically very soft. One of the more affectionate cat breeds, the Burmese will typically be found near their humans’ legs. They love to follow their pet parents all around the home.3

Japanese Bobtail

cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionCats of this breed are of course characterized by their bobbed tail. If you work from home, you can expect constant companionship as this breed is very affectionate. Japanese Bobtails love to play – and travel.

Yes, unlike just about all other cat breeds, Japanese Bobtails love to hit the open road and go on vacation. They’re fantastic with kids and even get along great with dogs. They also dominate when it comes to feline agility drills.4


The Siberian is another highly affectionate cat breed. Its history stretches all the way back to around the year 1000. Most Siberians are medium size with thick fur. However, it can take as long as five years for this breed to reach full maturity.

cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionOne interesting characteristic about this breed is that Siberians are often fascinated by water. If you buy a toy mouse, you can probably expect it to wind up in your pet’s water bowl. And if you like to take a bath, expect your pet to want to investigate.

Most Siberians love to be brushed. You’ll want to brush them on a regular basis so your pet maintains a beautiful coat.

If you like watching nature shows on TV, your Siberian will likely watch with you. Your pet will especially love watching birds, pawing at the television to check out potential prey.5


cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionIf you want a pet who can’t get enough of your company, the Ragamuffin is another adorable breed to consider. Ragamuffins love their humans, and also love to greet others who come into your home. They typically have a lifespan of about 13 years and usually weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.

They have a long silky coat that will require brushing once or twice a week in order to keep any mats from forming.6

California Spangled Cat

cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionThis cat has especially distinctive markings and patterns. The California Spangled Cat is a relatively recent breed, dating back to the 1980s. It was bred to look like an ocelot or a leopard in order to raise awareness of these endangered species of big cat.

But while the California Spangled Cat may look wild, it’s highly affectionate.7

Norwegian Forest Cat

cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionThis breed has a proud history dating back thousands of years. In fact, it is believed that the Norwegian Forest Cat was the preferred pet of the ancient Vikings.

These large-eyed cats have an extremely thick coat of fur that needs to be brushed at least once a week. During the winter, brushing needs to be performed two or three times a week.8


cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionThe Singapura are extremely small cats with big eyes and ears. Of all cat breeds, the Singapura’s eyes are among the most mesmerizing in terms of color. Their large eyes are incredible shades of yellow, green, or hazel.

Singapuras are very curious and have a lot of energy to burn. Even though they’re little, they love to get as high up as they possibly can. Be prepared to set up a tall cat tree so they can perch and enjoy the view.9


cats big eyes | Ultimate Pet NutritionThis breed is known for its distinctive coat, which has the appearance of a cat that received an electric shock. The LaPerm’s curly fur is a genetic mutation – but it’s a beautiful one. You’ll find it in just about any colour and in a variety of patterns.

As long as the LaPerm is properly socialized when part of a litter, the breed is very sociable.10

Cats With Big Eyes: A Variety Of Choices

As you can see, these breeds are not only gorgeous, they’re also loving and intelligent. No matter what breed you choose, you’ll find a phenomenal pet who will be a great companion for years to come.

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