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Your favorite feline will love a feather cat toy. And if you don’t want to spend the money to buy one at your local pet store, why not make one yourself? It’s easy, and it’s a toy your cat will play with for a long, long time. If your kitty loves to play, then this item will be a perfect choice.

Here’s some information on why toys are so important to cats, instructions on how to make a feather cat toy, and what to do if your cat loses interest in play.

Why Cats Need Cat Toys

Many things go into making your cat as healthy and happy as possible. You obviously want to feed them the highest quality diet possible, and you want to spend as much quality time with your pet as you can.

Just as importantly, you want to make sure they get enough exercise. Feather toys, mice filled with catnip, or any other kinds of cat toys are a big part of doing just that. Your cat’s probably not going to like taking daily walks around the neighborhood like a dog or playing a nice game of fetch in the backyard. So, making sure your cat has plenty of toys can help keep them moving and feeling their best.

Your cat’s age usually has a lot to do with how much they want to play. Kittens are furry little bundles of energy who can play for hours at a time. Older cats might want to chill out more, but they may still react positively to playtime. No matter what their age, regular play is important for any cat, as long as they’re physically able to do so.

These are just some of the specific potential benefits of feline play.


When you take a few minutes each day to play with your cat, you’re doing more than helping your furry friend get exercise. You’re also forming a stronger bond. If you ignore your cat, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll wind up ignoring you as well. They may no longer jump on your lap or want to snuggle in bed. Strengthening the bond with your cat may also help lower your stress levels.1

feather cat toy | Ultimate Pet NutritionStimulation

Your cat lives for stimulation. You don’t want a bored cat, because that’s an invitation to chaos. When cats don’t get the stimulation they need, they can sometimes indulge in some not-so-great behavior. This could include scratching your furniture, being aggressive to you or other members of your family, or “missing” the litter box from time to time.2

Hunting Instinct Expression

If you’ve ever seen shows on cats in the wild, you’ve probably noticed that they like to play. But they’re not just having fun – they’re learning skills that are critically important to their survival. These include catching and stalking prey, as well as evading potential predators. That instinct is in all cats, whether they’re domesticated or not. Helping them express that instinct through play is important for their overall happiness.3

Why Do Cats Like Feather Toys So Much?

Does your cat love to stare out of the window for extended periods of time each day? There’s a good chance part of that fascination is looking at birds. Cats are mesmerized by feathers – many cats that won’t play with mice or other kinds of toys go crazy for feather toys. It’s all part of the prey drive that’s been instilled in cats for thousands of years.4

Are Feather Toys Safe For Cats?

Cat feather toys, like most cat toys, are safe – as long as you keep an eye on your pet while they’re playing with them. You want your cat to have fun, but you also want them to be safe. If possible, always keep toys away from your cat unless you can watch them playing.

Cat toys do carry certain risks. Toy mice with long tails can be a choking hazard, as can feathers, pieces of plastic, or just about everything else you can imagine that’s part of a pet toy product. There’s also the chance your cat will swallow something they shouldn’t.5

If that should happen, be alert to the signs of a blockage in the stomach. Take your cat to the vet if you notice any of the following:

  • Appetite loss
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea6

More than likely, your cat will be just fine. But take them to get checked out to stay on the safe side and remember to always supervise when they’re enjoying a toy.

A Great Feather Toy You Can Make For Your Cat

feather cat toy | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Wand toys are a great way to bond with your cat and give them the exercise and stimulation they need. Putting feathers on this kind of toy will just about guarantee a great time for both you and your beloved pet. A great thing about making a DIY feather cat toy is that it’s really easy, and it won’t take a lot of time.

What You Need To Make Your DIY Feather Cat Toy

  • Lace or suede cords
  • Scissors
  • Soft fabric in a bright color that mimics feathers (felt works great) or feathers
  • String (construction string if possible, since it’s very durable)
  • Glue (wood glue, since it’s non-toxic)
  • A ¼-inch wide wooden dowel that’s about 1-3 feet long7

How To Make It

  1. Cut the cords or lace material into your desired length.
  2. Cut the fabric into feather shapes and attach to the end of the material.
  3. Glue the material directly to the dowel, or drill a hole through the end and thread through the hole.8

That’s it. You should be able to do the whole thing in 30 minutes at the most.

What If My Cat Doesn’t Want To Play?

Just about every cat will love to play, regardless of their age. But what if your cat all of a sudden shows no interest? What if they would rather lay around all day? Does your cat just want to stay in your lap or look out the window? There might not be anything wrong – you might just not have found the best toy to keep their attention.

feather cat toy | Ultimate Pet NutritionOne way to tell for sure is to get a product at the pet store that contains fresh catnip. Or, you could simply get the catnip itself and put a little in front of your cat’s nose and see if they react. If they don’t, it could be for one of the following reasons.

  • Not all cats react to the catnip scent. About ⅓ of all felines don’t.
  • Your cat might be stressed from changes around your home. A child might have moved away to college, or you’ve brought in a new pet. They just might not feel like playing.
  • If a cat suddenly changes their behavior, that could signal a potential health problem. See your vet for a checkup.9

Hours Of Fun For Your Fur Babies

Hopefully, you’ll find that making a feather cat toy is worth it. This easy-to-make item might just make your relationship with your cat stronger than it’s ever been.

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