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Just because you travel a lot doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t welcome a dog into your family. If your adventures can accommodate a dog, then there are a number of breeds that make for fantastic travel companions.

Read below to find out about which dog breeds can make a great addition to your travels.

Important Qualities In A Traveling Dog

There are a few characteristics you may want to consider in your fluffy travel companion before hitting the road.

  • How does the dog adjust to new situations?
  • How do they do with strangers?
  • Can they sit for long periods of time?
  • Are they a hypoallergenic dog?
  • Are they allowed on airplanes?

Small Dog Breeds For Travelling

Maltese in car | Ultimate Pet NutritionIf you’re the type of person that prides themselves on traveling light, then some of these small fluffy dogs might be the way to go for your next excursion. They are tiny in stature but big in spirit.

Yorkshire Terrier

Don’t let their fame as fancy urban lap dogs fool you. Yorkies can play outside with the best of them. These long-hair adonizes are highly trainable and always down to get out for a walk.1

They are famed for their big, feisty personalities. It’s kind of like getting a big dog in a tiny package.2 All that spunk can make them a great pint-sized friend to bring along on your next trip.


The Pomeranian won’t stop surprising you with its boundless energy and eagerness to play. They can tap an almost endless supply of fun from their tiny frames. The Pom is highly athletic and happy to play games. A lot of this probably has to do with the fact that they
originate from sled and herd dogs.3

All of these qualities have many people declaring Pomeranians as the “perfect companion.”4 With a reputation like that, you can most likely count on them for just about any kind of travel.

dog breeds for traveling parents | Ultimate Pet NutritionChihuahua

Few dogs can compete with the Chihuahua when it comes to travel convenience. These energetic little canines fit perfectly in a puppy purse and can comfortably nestle under the seat on an airplane. This makes them a great dog if you plan to do lots of air travel and can’t spare a lot of space.5


The Maltese is another one of those breeds that seem designed with the word “companion” in mind. In terms of temperament, they have just about everything you could want from a travel companion. Lots of love, patience, and courage.

Plus, they are a great travel-size. You can easily pick them up to carry them for a bit. But, they are also plenty happy to walk around with you. All and all, they are a great pal to have on just about any adventure.6

Brussels Griffon

If you want to add some laughs and good humor to your trips, then the Brussels Griffon might be the dog for you. These little comedians are highly intelligent and a constant source of humor.

They are a small breed that can easily be carried. But, don’t tell them that. The Griffon’s sometimes delusional sense of grandeur is half the fun. They love to put on a big show for such a small pup and will add lots of good-natured spirit to your next journey.7

Large Adventure Buddies

If you want a little more pet to fill some space in the car or RV, then check out some of these medium-sized fluffy dogs. They can add some much-needed furriness to your next trip.

samoyed with travel hat | Ultimate Pet NutritionSamoyed

The Samoyed is an unstoppable fluff ball that’s both adorable and friendly. Their thick white fur looks beautiful and keeps these pups warm in cold weather. The samoyed’s history as sled dogs in the world’s chilliest corners makes them great companions for winter weather adventures.8

They have a perpetual smile that may only grow wider if you include them in all the fun. They love to be a part of an active family, so they can fit right in with your go-go itinerary as a traveler.9

Golden Retriever

There’s no mistaking this golden ray of cuteness. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular and friendly dogs out there. They are incredibly loyal dogs that will follow you to the end of the earth and look good doing it. Plus, they are happy to do just about anything – so long as their beloved owner is by their side. All of this makes for one golden traveling companion.10

Rough Collie And Collies

The Rough Collie is the long-hair version of this highly recognizable and beloved breed. Their beautiful, fluffy coats are often what people think of with these dogs, but they offer so much more. Collies are highly athletic and excel at making great companions.11

They are bred to work, so they need lots of exercise and room to roam. If you plan on taking them on a trip, make sure they’ll have opportunities to stretch their legs and play.12

Bouvier Des Flandres

travel dog breeds | Ultimate Pet NutritionThat giant fluffy coat does more than look impressive on the Bouvier Des Flandres, it also keeps the rain out. These powerful and burly dogs were designed for work outside, but they are capable of a lot more. They transform all that dexterity into athleticism, especially with an owner who is eager and willing to train them.13

Because of their history as a multi-talented work dog, they can be highly adaptable to new situations and skills. What more could you ask for in a travel buddy?14

Alaskan Malamute

Adventure is in the genes of these beautiful sled dogs. Their fluffy fur is almost as unstoppable as their energy levels. The Malmatue’s former life as a work dog in cold weather makes them great pals for anyone looking to play outside in the winter.15

Plus-Size Travel Companions

If you have space in the RV or don’t mind giving up the front seat, then one of these pooches might make a great companion for your next trip.

The Great Pyrenees

These gorgeous hounds will never run short on admiring stares from strangers. The Pyrenees descend from flock-guarding dogs who worked hard and often on their own. As such, they are highly confident, but also independent. You may not get lots of fuzzy affection from them, but you can rest assured in their ability to roam the world with confidence and composure.16

Bernese Mountain Dog

These gentle giants make great companions either at home or on the road. Despite their past as powerful work dogs, their main job these days seems to be loving their family.17

Their big size and furry coat make them great for the outdoors. But, they are equally competent at the art of snuggling. They could make for a great companion as long as you have the space.18

Pre-Road Trip Prep

Take the time to get a check-up for your dog before leaving on your trip. Especially if you will be somewhere without easy access to a vet.

And, if you have a pet from the fluffiest dog breeds, you may also want to consider a stop at the groomer. This will make your pup more comfortable and save you from finding fur everywhere in the car.

Great pyrenees with suitcase | Ultimate Pet NutritionEnjoy The Journey

You don’t need to limit your search to the fluffiest dog breeds. There are lots of great traveling companions out in the world. A Great Dane could be as fun as a bundle of sheepdog puppies. It all depends on you and your travel plans.

Everyone has different considerations when it comes to selecting a pooch. Maybe you have allergies and need to consider hypoallergenic dog breeds. Or, maybe you need a low energy dog. That’s okay. There are dogs out there for everyone.

What’s most important is that you find a pet that compliments you and your travel desires. There’s something extra cute about the fluffy friends above, but there are many options. Take the time to consider the type of travel you plan to do, then choose a pup that will love it as much as you. Chances are, most dogs will be happy just to be sitting side by side with you.

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