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You might be surprised how many fun things to do with your dog at home there really are. Most indoor dog activities don’t cost a dime, while others might run you a few dollars, at most. If you can’t go outside for a walk or to play, finding ways to pass the time with your beautiful pup inside will be more than worth it.

If you want to have great times with your best friend when you’re both stuck inside, here are some ideas to consider.

Indoor Activities For You And Your Best Friend

When you’re cooped up inside, you might feel a little restless – even bored. Well, there’s a good chance your dog is feeling the same way. But if you put a little thought and effort into coming up with some fun games and other activities, you’ll quickly find that you and your pooch can beat the indoor doldrums.

Having some indoor activities on hand for rainy days will allow you and your pup to get some good indoor exercise and mental stimulation. Playing with your dog will be a lot more fulfilling than binge-watching a TV show or playing games on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Play Hide-And-Seek

Even if you regularly play hide and seek with your dog outside, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same thing inside, too.

It’s best if there are two people to play, along with your pup. One person can hold a treat and show it to the dog before going to hide. The second person can stay with the dog, keeping their attention while the treat holder finds a suitable hiding spot. The person who’s hiding will then call out the dog’s name, providing the treat once the dog successfully finds them.1

Playing a game of hide-and-seek is not only a great way to have some fun but can also help your dog burn off some excess energy if they’re bored. Just make sure it’s not too hard for your dog to find you because you don’t want them to get upset or frustrated. Keep it simple and fun.2


What pet parent doesn’t love a good game of tug-of-war with their dog? This fun activity can also provide mental stimulation and exercise, and it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your canine friend. Since you’re playing inside, you don’t need a whole lot of room. Just try to make sure there aren’t any tables or furniture really close by.3

fun things to do with your dog at home | Ultimate Pet NutritionSome people might think tug-of-war promotes aggressive, dominant behavior in a dog, but that’s not the case. A nice tug-of-war game can actually be great fun for you and your pooch. Just be ready to give the “stop” command if your dog starts to get a little carried away.4

Puzzle Toys

Dogs love puzzle toys. It can really help them while away the time. All you need to do is fill a puzzle toy with a few of their favorite treats, then sit back and watch as they figure out how to get to them. Puzzle games and toys get your dog to use their nose to find the hidden treats, and it also fulfills their hunting instincts.5

Play Indoor Fetch

You might think that you need a huge outdoor space to play fetch, but if you’re in a pinch, you can still play indoors. As long as you have some steps or a fairly long hallway, your dog will have a fantastic time. It would be better, though, if you could play on a surface that will make it easier for your dog to grip with their claws, such as a carpet.6

Make sure you get any furniture or fragile items out of the way. Also, you’ll need a ball or a toy that’s soft enough not to cause any damage to your walls or flooring. A tennis ball could work, but be sure to remove any breakable items from the space where you’re playing first.

Schedule A Puppy Play Date

Do you have a socialized dog? Do you have plenty of room in your home for your pup to frolic? Then you might want to consider inviting one of your pup’s four-legged friends for a play date. Both dogs will be entertained for hours, and they’ll be completely happy and tired out by the time the play date is over. Keep a close eye on the dogs to make sure things don’t get out of hand.7

fun things to do with your dog at home | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Toys And Equipment To Keep Your Dog Entertained

Here are a couple of different things that can help keep your dog active and engaged on those days you can’t take them outside.


If you exercise on your treadmill at home, there’s no reason why your dog can’t do it as well. You’ll obviously have to be careful, especially at first as your pup learns. But you might just find that they absolutely love it.

You can share the treadmill with a small dog, one who can walk beside you without either of you falling off. Keep the speed at an easy pace and only walk for a few minutes, so your pup doesn’t overdo it. Sharing isn’t an option with a larger dog, so just take turns. Some dog owners even have a second treadmill so their dogs can walk or run alongside them.8

Chew Toys Or Chew Bones

Chew toys and bones are staples of dog entertainment, and some dog owners even use them as a training tool. There are several tangible potential benefits of giving your dog a chew toy or a chew bone. Here are just a few.

  • It helps dogs express their natural chewing instincts – Dogs are natural-born chewers, as you might’ve learned when your pup chewed up a pair of your favorite shoes. Chew toys and nutritious chew bones (talk to your vet before you get one for your pet) provide a healthy outlet for them to express that instinct.
  • fun things to do with your dog at home | Ultimate Pet NutritionChewing helps promote oral health – Chewing also helps keep your dog’s teeth in great shape, and it also makes their facial muscles stronger. The act of chewing also helps reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque, which can help support good oral health.
  • It keeps them stimulated – When a dog is chewing on a toy or a healthy bone, the last thing they’ll be thinking of doing will be getting into any kind of trouble. They also won’t be bored. It’s a lot better than chewing on a piece of furniture, or something else they shouldn’t be getting into.9

Have A Great Time Staying Inside

Whatever indoor activities you choose to do with your favorite four-legged friend, have a blast. As you can see, there are a whole lot of fun things to do with your dog at home, so who cares what the weather is outside? Both of you can have a blast playing inside, and you’ll make your bond even stronger.

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