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You want your furry friend to have the best 2020 possible, right?

Sometimes getting better at something as you go forward (like giving your pooch the best care possible) requires going backward and revisiting or reviewing lessons you’ve already learned.

So, in order to prep you and your pooch for a perfect 2020, Ultimate Pet Nutrition wanted to share the top blogs from 2019 to remind you of some of the most important lessons you learned in the last year.

dog with tongue on floor

The 5 Best Pet Blog Articles Of 2019

1. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Poop (Everything You Need to Know)
You’re a good dog owner. And you’re very good when it comes to picking up your dog’s poop when you’re out for a walk. But hold onto that poop bag for a little longer if you want to check in on your pet’s health. Here’s why.

2. Home Remedies for Itchy Dogs

Nobody likes a persistent itch — not even your pooch. Of course, you don’t have to resort to meds to solve the problem. Your kitchen or personal medicine cabinet may hold the key to your dog’s relief. While there is no universal cure-all, if you know what is causing your dog’s itch you should be able to lend a hand. Read this blog to learn about comforting for your itchy pup.

3. Strange Dog Behavior: Why is My Dog Licking the Floor?

You may think your dog loves the taste of the floor, the wall, the furniture… but overt licking can be irritating for some dog owners. There are several reasons your dog might be obsessively licking themselves or your belongings – most are pretty harmless, but other reasons could be concerning. Learn more about why your dog is licking everything in sight by reading this blog.

4. My Dog Sleeps With Eyes Open: Is Something Wrong?dog asleep with eyes open holding teddy bearIf your dog is asleep for a good portion of the day, it’s normal. But should you be concerned if your sleeping dog keeps their eyes open? While it may seem slightly weird, you can read here to decipher whether or not your dog sleeping with their eyelids open is cause for concern.


5. Essential Oils for Dogs – Harmful or Helpful? — Natural remedies can be great for your dog, but if you’ve read about essential oils for dogs, you may have some questions. Will essential oils help or harm your furry friend? The truth is, some oils work wonders while others can cause issues for your pooch. Read this article to take a good look at which oils will help and which essential oils are to be avoided.

small dog with essential oils

More Great Tips for You and Your Pets in 2020

Enjoy the articles listed above. You may be reading them for the first time or revisiting an article that helped you and your pup a great deal. Either way, carry these tips and tricks with you into 2020.

You’ll be able to help your dog if they’re itchy and scratchy, understand a little more about assessing their health by studying their poop and discover essential oils that might relieve any number of ailments for your pet. Happy New Year to you and your pooch and may 2020 be your best year together.